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 Chap 891 spoiler

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MessageSujet: Chap 891 spoiler   Mer 10 Jan 2018 - 17:32

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Résumé en anglais :

891 To be believed in
L vs K continues in the Mirror World
Someone is watching them from the shadows
33rd daughter Charlotte Franpe (15 years old (please let this be a typo!) Katakuri fanclub president and special commander)
'I am the most beloved sister, I'm gonna be the king of little sisters!'
She tells her subordinates to back up Katakuri but their attacks don't hit Luffy

'I don't like seeing my big brother have a close fight with his opponent! If he's not perfect all the time, I'll feel disappointed!'
Subordinates 'it's not that it's a close fight, the opponent is just tenacious'
No matter how many times he's knocked down, Luffy gets back up.
Katakuri can foresee Luffy's every move and takes countermeasures.
Luffy is frustrated at being unable to do anything.
Katakuri: I can read your every move.
Luffy calms down a bit and remembers Ray's teachings.

Katakuri is surprised that Luffy is seeing the same future he is.
Katakuri: Don't even bother getting up. Your plan is done for.
1 hour to Cacao Island, your nakama will be crushed before they arrive. My siblings will be waiting, no matter if you escape here or not.
Luffy: But I must come out of Mirror World!
K: Why are you saying it like it's someone else's problem.

Bege's ship
Cake is finally done
Sanji: No matter what happens we must go. If we can stop Mama with the best cake they'll..

Mirror world
L: I'll definitely beat you & get outta Mirror World!
L and Sanji: Because they believe in me!
Chopper protects his friends from Mama's attacks despite being worn ragged.
Prometheus becomes several times the size of Sunny
Just when it looks like all is lost, the cake appears on the horizon

Source: Den_Den_Mushi (Oro Jackson Forums)

EDIT BlackIce: VA dispo ==>

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Chap 891 spoiler
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