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 Chap 869 spoilers

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MessageSujet: Chap 869 spoilers   Mer 14 Juin 2017 - 8:33

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Résumé en anglais

One Piece Chapter 869
Luffy and co escape inside Bege’s castle
but Katakuri manages to rescue Brulee and get her back.

Nami and Carrot fail to escape in time because of the relentless attacks by Big Mom's children.

But the Germa come to help them. They enter to the scene like heroes and successfully help them evade to the castle. (They also get into Bege's castle)

During the chaos, one of the guests attempts to open up the Tamate Box, but Big Mom’s scream causes the Tamate Box to be pushed away to the Whole Cake Castle.

Bege attacks Big Mom from his castle but Katakuri and Perospero use their ability to prevent the attack. Katakuri uses his stickiness to prevent Bege from using any weapons and Perospero's candy ability locks Bege down, and as a result, Bege can't move anymore.

Bege again says that their plan failed.

He explains that if the castle gets destroyed then he will die too and the ones inside the castle will automatically be pushed out too. Meanwhile, Big Mom’s regains her consciousness and starts to attack the castle.

Big Mom destroys a part of the castle causing Bege to bleed.


Autre résumé en anglais

Chapter 869: Besieged

Everyone makes it inside Bege's castle, but Brulee is recaptured by Katakuri
Nami and Carrot are slow taking shelter due to BM's children's ferocious attack.
They are forced into a corner, but Germa in their raid suites arrive at their location.
The scene is a center page with them resembling a hero's entrance.
They force BM's children back in the blink of an eye.
Germa and the others retreat to Bege's castle.

In the confusion, Du Feld attempts to open up the Tamatebako, but the Tamatebako is sent flying outside Whole Cake Castle by BM's yelling.
Bege attacks BM with the cannons from his castle, but they are plugged up by Katakuri's mochi and are prevented from shooting.
Furthermore, Perospero's candy prevents him from moving.
Bege deplores the failure of the plan.
While Bege is explaining that if his castle is destroyed then he would die and everyone inside will be thrown outside, Big Mom regain consciousness and begins her attack.
A portion of Bege's castle is destroyed and Bege himself becomes bloody.

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Credits: Zoro4Prez2016 at Orojackson Forums.
Source: Shirataba

Résumé en japonais

第869話 籠城



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Pirate Chevronné
Pirate Chevronné

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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 869 spoilers   Jeu 15 Juin 2017 - 11:11


Non mais lol
Les germa sont des bioman..... goldorak


EDIT BLACKICE: va/vf dispo ==>
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Chap 869 spoilers
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