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 Chap 856 spoilers

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MessageSujet: Chap 856 spoilers   Mer 15 Fév 2017 - 15:23

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Résumé en anglais de piètre qualité

Source: MNS
One Piece Chapter 855: Don't Lie

Mirror World:
Chopper and co are panicking as they cannot find Sanji anywhere in the castle. Nami then suggests that Sanji may have gone to the place where he fought against Luffy.

Chopper starts to cry as he hears that Luffy and Sanji had a fight. Jinbei tells them to bring them back as soon as possible because the wedding tomorrow will be an absolute chaos.

Jinbei: You all came with Pekoms, right?

Chopper: Is he doing all right?

Jinbei: He is doing just fine for now. He got involved into an incident and was about to be eaten by the sharks

Capital Sweet City:

Although it rains, there is a sound of gunfire

Bobbin: Shit...These guys...

Bobbin collapses

Sixth Floor:

The Vinsmonke are drinking and celebrating. They are saying that thanks to Sanji, they got Big Mom on their side now.

Luffy and Sanji:

Luffy wakes up from the smell of the Bento Box

Sanji: If you can eat, then you can eat all of it!

As Sanji has dropped the Bento several times and also because of the rain, the Bento looks like a complete mess.

Luffy: It's sooo goood!!!!

Sanji: Don't lie!

As Luffy has finished eating, Sanji tells him to leave the island. But Luffy doesn't listen to Sanji, so he gives Luffy 3 reasons why he cannot leave the island with the rest of the crew.

1) The fact that he has physically hurt his own captain
2) The Baratie is kept as a hostage
3) His own family is about to be killed, so he cannot just leave them behind

Luffy punches Sanji.

Luffy: Say your true feelings!!!

Sanji (crying): I want to the Sunny Go...!!!!

While Sanji is crying, he explains that even though his family is the worst, he still wants to help them

Luffy: ...Yes! That's who you are! You have us! Let's destroy the ceremony!!!

End (Next Week no Chapter)

Résumé en anglais de meilleure qualité

Source: Oro Jackson Forums

Ch. 856 Liar

Mirror World
Chopper and the others realize that Sanji has disappeared from inside the castle.
Nami guesses that both Luffy and Sanji could be at the place that they fought.
Chopper starts to cry after hearing that Luffy and Sanji fought.
Jinbe warns that they should hurry and leave soon before the wedding ceremony tomorrow.

Jinbe: "You guys came together with Pekoms, right?"
Chopper: "Is he safe!?"
Jinbe: "To begin with, I should inform you that he is safe. However, that guy got embroiled in a conspiracy and was attempted to be made shark food.

Sweet City
A gunshot can be heard in the rain.

Bobbin: "Damn it... you guys..."

Bobbin falls over

6th floor Baum (I don't know what this word means).
The Vinsmokes are all drinking.
The barmaids are all passed out.
They are celebrating that they have Big Mom's backing due to Sanji.

Town outskirts
Luffy awakens to the smell of the bento.

Sanji: "If you can eat, eat up."

The bento had been dropped and become soggy due to the rain.
Luffy chows down like its delicious-looking.

Luffy: "Delicioussssss!!
Sanji: "Liar."

Sanji warns Luffy about trying to leave after he finishes the bento.
He tells a resistant Luffy that there are 3 reasons why he can't leave with him.
1. He insulted and wounded his own captain.
2. The people of Baratie's lives are currently taken hostage.
3. The family that shares his blood is currently going to be all killed. He can't run away and leave them to that fate.

After Sanji is finished explaining his feelings and reasoning, Luffy punches him.


A crying Sanji: "I want to... return to the Sunny-Go!!!"

While he's crying, Sanji explains that he wants to save those bastards that he doesn't think of as family.

Luffy: "...OK! That's your decision! We're all here for you! We'll destroy that ceremony!!"

Break next week.

Pas de chapitre la semaine prochaine

Sinon, voilà Pekoms comme je me demandais : Il s'est retrouvé au milieu d'une conspiration ! Ah ah ah, donc Bégé va bien conspirer  contre Big Mom et ça va foutre encore plus le bordel.
Et en plus, c'est Jinbei qui l'a sauvé !

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Merci à Taranis !
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Pirate Chevronné

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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 856 spoilers   Jeu 16 Fév 2017 - 10:59

Ce doit être capone bege qui allume bobbin aussi...

Le fameux gunfire under the rain lol ( what a good english^^ )

Haaaaa même si on s'en doutait je suis content de savoir pekom en vie

Ha ben voilà on y arrive doucement..... ca va envoyer du steack lol!

EDIT Black : ===>
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Chap 856 spoilers
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