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 Chap 848 spoilers

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MessageSujet: Chap 848 spoilers   Mar 29 Nov 2016 - 16:05

Source : Mangahelpers

Résumé en anglais

Désolé, mais il s'est apparemment avéré que le premier spoil était un fake.

Voici le bon spoiler :

One piece 848 source from Mangasail..
Front cover: One piece of wheat straw dressed with red suit and dress
Introductory color: A snowing falling wandering straw in the red coat in the forest
Spine cover: Luffy's first appearance scene

848 Goodbye

The mum which passes Luffy's provocation
I will be able to forgive anything because I can get the power of Jerma and the ball cabin if it comes tomorrow
There is a contact that there is an intruder between the treasure there

Sanji's room

Sanji which is becoming a melody of pudding while paying attention to the taste and balatier

Pudding's room

The dress that Pudding decided is rejected by Mum and instead of being told to wear a dress prepared by Mum Purse
I decided my marriage by myself and thought of Laura who jumped out of the house, a nest with a rainy balcony alone

Hall cake inside the castle

Pedro flashy with a sword and explosives to guard against
Communication from smoothie to eggs following Pedro
It seems that Brooke broke into treasure and was locked from the inside
Tamago advises bones not to kill because bones are rare animals that Mama wants

Inside the treasure

Chess soldiers attack Brooke
Brooke will disable chess soldiers with guitar and song

Brooke "Do not you know my alias !? BABY"
Brooke "Soul King (Soul King) Why!"
Brooke "The soul that I took like you can not stand before the cry of my soulful soul!

Prison Library

Pudding came to meet Luffy
A book comes across a bookmark and comes in a single prison doll
Purses that apologize to Luffy so far
And that it was propose to Sanji, but to tell you not to marry
Also tell something in a loud voice so that you can hear it only on Luffy and Nami
Trembling Luffy and Nami

Pudding "Good-bye"

Shed tears to say good-bye to Luffy

Mon petit blog littéraire :
Des songes en pleine face

Merci à Taranis !

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Pirate Chevronné
Pirate Chevronné

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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 848 spoilers   Mer 30 Nov 2016 - 9:18

Merci pour le taf....!

Bon jcomprend rien à ces spoils....
Ca a l'air bin bidon....! À voir
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è_é Beware !! Admin Méchant ! è_é
è_é Beware !! Admin Méchant ! è_é

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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 848 spoilers   Mer 30 Nov 2016 - 14:05

c'est juste que la trad anglaise a été faite a la pisse, ça ne veut strictement rien dire.

ça c'est deja beaucoup mieux.

source: orojackson

One Piece Chapter 848 Spoilers

Quick Summary
Chapter title is Good-Bye.

Cover page: Straw Hats in red outfits.
Color Spread: Straw Hats wearing red jackets in snowy woods
Spine: The scene in which Luffy appears for the first time (Chapter 1 probably)

Big Mom is not angry despite Luffy's words.
She says she will forgive anything since she will obtain Germa power and the treasure box (Tamate Box) tomorrow.
Her subordinate reports that an intruder has appeared.

*Sanji's room

Sanji is attracted by Pudding. On the other hand, he is worried about Baratie.

*Pudding's room

Big Mom rejected the dress Pudding wanted to wear. Pudding was told to wear the dress Big Mom prepared.
Pudding is standing on a balcony in rain. She recalls Lola, who ran away from home saying she will decide her own marriage.

*Whole Cake Castle

Pedro goes on a rampage with his sword and bomb. Smoothy gets in touch with Tamago, who is chasing Pedro. Brook goes into the Treasure room and locks from inside.

Tamago tells Smoothy via Den Den Mushi not to kill Brook since Big Mom would want a rare creature like him.

*Treasure Room

Chess soldiers attack Brook, but he neutralizes them via his guitar and song.

Brook "You don't know my epithet, right? Baby! I'm Soul King! Fake souls like you can't stand against my soul cry!"

*Prisoner Library Room

Pudding comes to meet Luffy. She comes into the prison thanks to the bookmark. She apologizes Luffy for what has occurred so far.
She tells him that Sanji made a marriage proposal for her but she has no intention to accept it. She also whispers something to Luffy and Nami.

Luffy and Nami are shocked to hear it.

Pudding "Good-Bye."

Tears are falling from her face.

source: Shitaraba

Translation: SandmanAP

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irresponsable et mauvais administrateur qui ose se faire appeler ainsi...

Le plus beau compliment qu'on puisse me faire cheers Allez en greet parce ça vaut des points quand meme Laughing

Citation By JFZ, Avatar & Sign By Afro Luffy Cool

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Age : 39
Localisation : Hamamatsu Japon
Emploi : professeur de langue et culture françaises
Date d'inscription : 07/02/2008

MessageSujet: Re: Chap 848 spoilers   Mer 30 Nov 2016 - 17:25

Merci, c'est bien mieux. J'irai voir Orojackson maintenant !

EDIT Black:

Mon petit blog littéraire :
Des songes en pleine face

Merci à Taranis !
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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 848 spoilers   

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Chap 848 spoilers
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