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 Chap 843 spoiler

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MessageSujet: Chap 843 spoiler   Mer 19 Oct 2016 - 7:18

Source : Mangahelpers

Résumé rapide en anglais

From the brief summary, Cracker is defeated by Luffy. He suffers from great pain from Luffy's hit.

It appears that Pound is interested in knowing about the vivre card Nami is holding. Luffy, Nami and Pound then decided to head to the castle.

The Vinsmoke carriage arrives in Whole Cake Island. It seems like Sanji has a surprise of a "three-eyed Purin."

Traduction (by lejlp himself, allez, tenez, c'est cadeau !)

Pour un bref résumé, Cracker est vaincu par Luffy. Il souffre énormément du coup porté par Luffy.

Il semble que Pound veuille en savoir plus sur la vivre-card que tient Nami. Luffy, Nami et Pound décide ensuite de se rendre au Château.

Le carrosse des Vinsmoke arrive sur Whole Cake Island.  Apparemment, Sanji a l'air très surpris en voyant le troisième œil de Pudding.

Edit :

Résumé en anglais

Source: Oro Jackson Forums

843 Vinsmoke Sanji

Cracker is blown all the way till Whole Cake Castle
A critical alert and return to base command has been issued
Pound says that this is a big deal

Pound: "When the previous Sweet Commander was defeated, Cracker came and turned the sea black. I heard that an angry Linlin called forth a storm and sunk the enemies ships in an instant."

Nami: "Storm!?"

Pound: "Linlin is a woman who can command the weather! Her left hand is the Thunder Zeus! Her right is the Sun Promethius! There are no techniques that can stop an angry Mom!"

Luffy and the others are being transported by King Baum. Luffy turned back to normal while resting on top of him.

The Vinsmoke cat car suddenly appears before them. Luffy becomes excited at reuniting with Sanji who leaps from the car.

However, Luffy is kicked down by Sanji.

Sanji: "Go home, you filthy low class pirates:

Sanji declares himself a prince of Germa and will no longer plan to return with them. Sanji stops Yonji who attemps to get rid of Luffy who doesn't understand.

Sanji: "I'll get rid of them...!"


Autre résumé en anglais

summary from YonkouProductions
(Thanks to YP!)

Cracker gets blown all the way to Wholecake castle
Because of Cracker's defeat to Luffy, state of emergency is declared and (citizens, I guess) are ordered to stay indoors.
Pound says things are getting real serious.
Pound: "The last time a top officer was defeated, Cracker's avenging army swarmed the seas..."

Pound: "Lin-Lin, enraged, summoned a storm and sank the enemy ships in an instant, or so they say."
Nami: "A storm!?"
Pound: "Lin-Lin can control the weather! Her left holds the thundercloud Zeus! Her right hand the sun Prometheus!"
Pound: "There is no way to stop Mom when she's angry!"

Luffy and the others have King Baum bring them to the castle. Luffy, sleeping on top of King Baum, turns back to his normal size in an instant.
Luffy's party heads to the castle, and before them appears the Vinsmokes' cat cart.
Luffy jumps onto the cart, happy to see Sanji again, but Sanji kicks him down.
Sanji: "Go back where you came from, filthy pirates!"

Sanji announces that he's a Germa prince and has no intention of going back.
Luffy isn't convinced at all, and Yonji is about to chase him away, but Sanji stops him.
Sanji: "I'll send him away myself...!"


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Chap 843 spoiler
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