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 Chap 842 spoiler

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Résumé en anglais


Chapter 842 The Power of a Full Stomach

Luffy could devour the biscuit soldiers because Nami made them softer with rain.
Luffy’s stomach is full and he is at its limits. More biscuit soldiers charge him, but Nami makes them softer with rain right away.

Nami: “I don’t know or care if you are on the side of a Yonko or whatever! Luffy is the man who will become the Pirate King!”
Nami: “Which means! There’s no limit to his appetite either!”
Luffy: “Eh!?”

Everyone is surprised by Nami’s words. Luffy pushes on eating without thinking anymore.

Scene change, in the mirror world Bropper and the others are running from Brulee

Scene change again, Reiju is tending to Sanji’s wounds.
Reiju asks Sanji where he learnt that “way of the gentleman”
Sanji remembers the harsh training received from Zeff.

All relatives leave for Whole Cake castle for the engagement ceremony.

Back to Temptation Woods

Luffy, with his stomach full, goes into Gear 4

Luffy: “Tankman!”

Cracker attacks Luffy, but the sword is absorbed by Tankman’s soft stomach instead of piercing it
Like that, Cracker’s upper body gets “swallowed” by Luffy’s stomach folds

Luffy “I’ll blow you to the ends of the New World! Cannonball!”

The half swallowed Cracker is blown away by the stomach’s strength.
The bloody Cracker crashes onto the (not wet) biscuit soldiers behind, and flies far away while crashing through them.
OP is on break next week

Pause la semaine prochaine !


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Chap 842 spoiler
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