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 Chap 804 spoiler

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MessageSujet: Chap 804 spoiler   Jeu 22 Oct 2015 - 9:22

Sources Mangahelpers (eux même de AP forum)

ource :AP_Credits : Redon
Quote Originally Posted by redon View Post
- Thing is falling off in last chapter is a "monkey".
- That "monkey" hits Kanjuro and Kinnemon, that fall off the dragon.
- Luffy and the others arrive at the top.
- Mink Tribe attacks them.
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Aohige's summary:

Quote Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
Chapter 804: Adventure in a nation on the back of an elephant
Ace, Luffy and Sabo playing baseball with Luffy batting, Ace pitching, and Sabo catching

A monkey comes falling down, crying Etetetetetete
Kanjuro explains that Raizou is a Tetetete, a running ninja.
(Ete-kou is an insulting way of calling a monkey)

Luffy & co dodges the ape, but Kin and Kan is fooling around with pretend ninjutsu and is knocked off the dragon.
Robin originally mistakes the ape for a child stabbed by knives, lol

Luffy and others wants to go back down to the ocean to pick up the samurais, but they yell out that they're fine, and will catch up later.
Luffy insists on helping them, but feels sorry for the dragon who struggling to climb the elephant's leg, panting heavily from the work. (Robin is almost in tears from pity)
Luffy yells down to the samurai that they'll go on ahead, and we'll meet up later.

Although they hear the samurai answer in acknowledgement, they also hear an unfamiliar voice yelling he won't allow them to enter the country without permission. (perhaps the voice of the ape ninja)

The dragon finally makes it to the top, as Luffy & co cheers on Ryuunosuke (they gave him a name)
The dragon smiles and slowly reverts to a painting as Luffy & co tearfully calls out his name. Franky cries.
Zoro & Law is uninterested, calling this a farce and just a terribly drawn painting.

They head to a large castle wall arch with a carving that reads "Mokomo Dukedom" to enter the nation, while Robin puts a flower on Ryuunosuke's drawing.

Luffy climbs up the wall and on the watch tower to get a good view of the nation.
The nation is large and well developed, with massive blocks of buildings that resemble thin cliffs, large cities around a ruin, vast forests, river, etc. Despite being on an elephant, it's completely an island nation.

They walk through the arch, as Zoro mentions the gates are open.
But Law points out that the gates didn't just open... it's missing, someone had forced themselves in.

Inside the gate, the party finds massive destruction through the forest. And the destruction is still new.
The road is hard to walk on, as they're treading on the skin of an elephant.

Meanwhile a few mink people are spying on the group, wondering what happened to Bariete (presumably the person on watch). He/she may have been taken out...

Luffy reaches the city, but it looks abandoned. Buildings are destroyed.
Luffy yells out his friends names "Sanji, Nami, Chopper, Brook! Gas... well nevermind I don't care about gas. "
Franky notes the smell of gun powder and gas, while Usopp is frightened to know what happened to this place.

Zoro and Law notices someone approaching, and Zoro readies his sword.
A small bunny girl rushes towards Zoro, and Zoro slashes at her, but she changes her direction in mid air, easily dodging Zoro's sword and counter attacking.
Zoro unsheathes his other sword with free hand, catches her claws, but upon contact is electrocuted!

Another mink woman riding on back of an aligator (or crocodile) tells the bunny girl Carrot to stop, those are not the men they're after.
The woman wears Nami's clothes, and tells Carrot intruders are at the Whale Forest.

Law confirms they are the Mink tribe, while Usopp notices the woman wearing Nami's clothes....

End of chapter
Quote Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
She's not Nami. At least she speaks nothing like Nami.
She speaks masculine, like a soldier.

Also Carrot is a bad ass little rabbit, Zoro was caught offguard by her abilities twice in quick succession.
About time we get a badass petite girl in OP

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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 804 spoiler   Jeu 22 Oct 2015 - 9:42

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Chap 804 spoiler
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