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 Chap 786 spoiler

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Pirate Chevronné
Pirate Chevronné

Age : 35
Localisation : NICE et DTC
Emploi : Cinéphile invulnérable
Date d'inscription : 24/01/2008

MessageSujet: Chap 786 spoiler   Jeu 14 Mai 2015 - 9:02

786 Gatts
Coverart is Luffy and a monkey trying to force Law to eat bread.
Law cuts the monkey in half.

The crowd cheers on as Dofla is buried in the wall.
Straw Hat Luffy won!
They are also confused why Luffy looks so different from the newspapers, and why he can't stop bouncing around.
Viola reports Luffy's victory to Usopp and others, while Cavendish comments Doflamingo can't possibly be alive from that.
But Law tells him to look at the sky...

Luffy also notices the birdcage is still up, and tries to get one more hit on Doflamingo
But Luffy's Gear 4 runs out of time!

As Luffy lies there helpless, Jesus Burgess leaps down from the ledge!
He wants to take this chance to kill Luffy and steal his Rubber Rubber fruit!

The palace collapses as Doflamingo gets back up.
Stuck between the encroaching birdcage and the collapsing palace, the people of Dressrosa have nowhere to run.

Luffy is lying down helpless, and the Colosseum announcer Gatz rushes over to him.
He helps Luffy get back up, and asks him what he can do to help. Gatz has realized Luffy is Lucy.

Luffy says after using Boundman he cannot use any Haki for 10 minutes. Once the time of recovery is up, he can finish Doflamingo off.
Gatz agrees to buy time for Luffy, and commands an army of gladiators.
These are the gladiators that didn't believe Doflamingo could go down, and went for the bounties instead.
They now see Luffy cornering Doflamingo and changed sides to help.

Half of them heads to stop Doflamingo, while the other half led by Gatz carries Luffy to safety.
But Jesus Burgess stands in their way. Burgess attcaks. Die, strawhat!

But Sabo arrives just in time to smack Burguess in the face with his pipe, sending him flying.

End of chapter

Y'a deux images mais bug je ne peux les mettres désolé
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Age : 37
Localisation : A la dérive sur East Blue dans un tonneau
Emploi : Informatique ( Pas envie de détailler la flemme =) )
Date d'inscription : 30/04/2007

MessageSujet: Re: Chap 786 spoiler   Jeu 14 Mai 2015 - 12:19

クロサキ !!!
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Chap 786 spoiler
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