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MessageSujet: Chap 764 Spoiler   Jeu 16 Oct 2014 - 14:05

aohige a écrit:
summary by aohige

Chapter 764: White Monster
Colorspread is Straw Hat pirates on top of a waterfall, catching fish with bears.

Law ask Corazon since when he could talk, and Corazon tells him he could always talk.
He never said he can't talk, Dofla just took upon himself to believe so.
Law yells and accuses him for deception, and Corazon uses "Silence" to put a sound-proof barrier between them and the town, erasing all sound coming from the town. (or going out)

Law says was you being a clumsy also an act?
Corazon says of course... but sets himself on fire with the cigarett accidentally.
It seems he's a natural klutz.

His motive is to stop his brother from going out of control.
He can't understand why such a monster was born from the kind hearted parents they had.
Doflamingo isn't a human..

The Donquixote family are pinned to the wall, and the father cries out for mercy on his children.
But Doflamingo tells the mob below, that he will not die here. He will live, and kill every single one of you!

Corazon explains only he and the other Executive officers, as well as the previous Corazon, "Vergo", know of Dofla's true insidious nature...

Who's Vergo? Law asks Corazon.
He explains to Law, Vergo is on a secret mission the family member doesn't even know. But it has nothing to do with you.
Corazon tells Law to not become a monster like my brother, leave this place.
But Law says that's exactly what I want to become.

Corazon explains the hidden name of D... A fated race, The Clan of D.
Through out history powerful people with the name of D has become infamous.
They tell tales to children that if they don't behave, the D will come to eat you.
Old men cringe and speak of how D will bring storm to the world again...

Details are unknown but the name of D is passed through the history.
In one area of the world they call the Ds "The enemy of God".

If "God" refers to the Celestial Dragons, perhaps D wants to destroy the world.
But it's completely different from what Doflamingo wants.. Ds oppose the gods.

Law cannot understand this talk, and says he joined the Family to kill everyone, what am I supposed to do in just one more year of life?
Corazon tells Law he should leave and seek treatment, but Law refuses. He says he'll tell Doflamingo everything he heard here, and runs. Corazon tries to stop him by kicking him, but Law easily evades. He has grown strong in 2 years.

Corazon returns to Doflamingo, expecting doom... but Doflamingo, seemingly unaware, tells him Otsuru has found them, they need to sail out now!
Law has not reported what he told him. He says he remembered he still owe one to Corazon from 2 years ago, this is his repayment.

Corazon takes Law and leaves the family, leaving a memo "Off to find cure for Law"

Law is "kidnapped" by Corazon.
Dendenmushi rings.
Law: That's Doflamingo right!? Let me talk to him! Help me Doflamingo!!

It's Admiral Sengoku calling, and Speaks to Rosi.
He tells the Admiral he'll be on a leave from the mission for personal reasons.
The Admiral accepts, and asks how are the children doing. Have you gotten them to leave yet?
It seems Corazon's abuse of kids was an attempt to make them leave the family, on Marine orders.
He tells him it's unlikely the three that with the family right now will leave.
Profile shows Donquixote Rosinante Marine commander (no makeup, looks just like that one spotted on that marine spread few pages back on this thread)

As the call ends, Vergo enters. He's a new fresh marine that joined a year ago, and has been doing a swell job.
He wishes to be transferred to G5. Admiral first asks him about the cooked egg on his cheek.

Law hears the conversation between Rosi and the admiral, and asks if he's a marine. I hate anyone to do with the government!
Rosi tells him he is not a marine.

They spend the next six month trying to find doctors to treat Law.
They all call him a White Monster and kick them out. Rosi pissed, beats up a few doctors that calls Law by names.

One nite, as Law sleeps, Rosi is depressed, wondering why he's doing all this.
He doesn't really care about the "D" thing, he's just doing this out of pity...
But when he heard that little bastard say he's going to die... I couldn't help but feel sorry for him!!
When you stabbed me, it didn't hurt me... it hurt YOU. Poor Law...!

Rosi cries his eyes out, Law pretending to be sleeping over hears his sob.
Next morning, he starts calling him Cora-san. Rosi is beyond surprised, he doesn't how to react.
But the phone rings. It's Doflamingo. "Hey Corazon, it's me."

End of chapter.

Cora-san is a bro. A BRO.

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Chap 764 Spoiler
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