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 Chap 756 Spoiler

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MessageSujet: Chap 756 Spoiler   Mar 5 Aoû 2014 - 21:36

Petit spoil

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Chapter 756 the 4th level

Cover is 17th anniversary of Straw Hats (daily lives of each Straw Hat on a post card)

Viola doesn't remember hearing about Mansherry's captivity while working as a Family agent.
She uses her eye ability to search the palace for the princess... and finds her, locked behind the prayer room. She contacts Leo.
The cell she was being held in was the punishment cell... where Leo fondly remembers his childhood.
Leo and other tontattas used to play with Viola in the palace, and whenever they were caught of mischief they were locked in the tiny cell (along with Viola in a larger cell) as discipline. Scarlet used to bring snacks for the mischievous kiddies.

Leo & co heads to the palace, while Barto is still ecstatic from fantasy of Straw Hats... when Gladius tosses bombs at them from below!
Robin is caught in the explosion and falls, but she retaliates by strangling Gladius!
She tells the other to go on ahead while she holds the officer off.

Viola finds strange shadows in the third level... the creepy toy soldiers fighting Luffy.
She looks and finds out that Sugar has already recovered! We must warn the Straw Hat, he may be in danger as he doesn't know he powers!

Meanwhile Sugar was freaking out at a family member who brought her plate of sausages.
His long nose reminded her of Usopp. It seems Usopp has become her trauma.
In anger she turns the fodder into a toy soldier, and vows to turn everyone in Dressrosa, including the Straw Hats, into toys for the young master.

Meanwhile in 3rd level, a horrific fight ensues...
One of the skeletal soldiers bites Faruru's head! The horse's head is cracked, as the soldier tries to chew it off, but Luffy steps in with a Jet Pistol that punches a hole through the soldier.
The soldier still gets up, and Cavendish, enraged at what it did to his horse, lops the head off the soldier!
But still the soldier get ups, putting his head back on... these guys are unkillable!

Right then, three people fall into the battlefield.
Barto slams right into one of the toy soldier, and Gladius falls on the ground.
Robin gracefully floats down with her hand-wings.

Before they can rejoice reuniting with Luffy, Gladius gets up and readies his attack.
Robin tells Luffy and Kyros to head to the sunflower field with Law, where Rebecca should be waiting with the keys to his cuffs.
Robin and Bartolomeo vs Gladius and toy soldiers!

Meanwhile Rebecca and Leo reach the flower field.
Leo and other tontattas head off to find their princess, while Rebecca awaits Luffy's arrival.

But a tall figure rises up from the field... it's Diamante.
Rebecca's heart pulses fast as she is confronted with the very nemesis who killed her mother!

End of chapter.

EDIT BlackIce: VA dispo ==>
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Chap 756 Spoiler
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