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 Chap 746 Spoiler

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Pirate Chevronné

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MessageSujet: Chap 746 Spoiler   Mer 7 Mai 2014 - 9:18

Citation :
Doflamingo announces to the whole nation how there's no way out, and no way to communicate the outside world.
You must bring me the heads of the bounties to end this game.
A father attacks his wife protecting their child. A man slashes his best friend. Marines shoot the civilians.
As chaos ensue, Fujitora uses his gravity power to press down the marines from attacking others.

Meanwhile, Robin, Barto, Rebecca, Kin-emon, tontattas, and the revolutionary trio gather around Usopp.
Barto is excited to see the legendary sogeking as he talks about the amazing feats in Enies Lobby.
Hack: I can't believe this guy broke my arm...

The citizens of Doflamingo finally realize the truth of what happened 10 years ago.
Dofla tells announces the bounties for the 12 heads. Each star is worth a 100 million.

1 star: Franky, Robin, Viola, Kinemon, Rebecca
2 stars: Zoro, Kyros
3 stars: Luffy, King Riku, Law, Sabo
5 stars: God Usopp

Citation :
Pirates turn around and rush to capture Usopp for the money.
Sabo leads the team to head to the surface, as Tontattas carry the injured Usopp.
Kin however, goes his own way and dives into a hole to look for Kanjuro.

There are some Dressrosa citizens that decides to go after the 12 bounties instead of facing 2000 Doflamingo family...
As the bounties are chased all over Dressrosa, Luffy communicates with Rebecca.
He tells her the one legged soldier (who immediately went his own way) is her father, as she had assumed.
But he tells her to hold off her tears, I couldn't let you have the mera mera but I'll beat up Doflamingo, so just stay alive and stick with his crew members. He promises he'll end this "game".

Law protests that going after Dofla is not the best course of action, the plan was to keep him alive so Kaidou goes after him.
If we take down Dofla here, Kaido's wrath will be directed at us instead.
Luffy tells him none of that is important right now. LOOK at the state of this country, there's no way we can stop right now.

Luffy carries Law (still cuffed) and Zoro as he dashes towards the palace, intending to jump off the cliff and head right to it.

"God Usopp" / "excited to see the legendary sogeking" pour le coté marrant, la décision de Luffy sur le coté serieux, woh

edit: vch

Hâte d'avoir la VA et déjà hâte du prochain \o/

edit 2: Meilleur lien pour la Vch
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Pirate Chevronné
Pirate Chevronné

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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 746 Spoiler   Mer 7 Mai 2014 - 11:04

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Chap 746 Spoiler
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