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 Chap 742 spoiler

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Pirate Chevronné

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MessageSujet: Chap 742 spoiler   Mar 25 Mar 2014 - 21:36

- Kyros became the captain of Dressrosa Royal Army when he was 25 years.
- Kyros saved Scarlett from pirates and then they fell in love with each other.
- Diamante shot Scarlett in front of Kyros.
- Operation SOP has succeed
- Franky and Usopp both have been taken down.

Apres 2 semaines d'abstinence haaaaaaaaa.....

À voir et confirmer tout de même!

Kyros has reached 3000 victories in 9 years.
He even defeated the mysterious gladiator Ricky.

Kyros went easy on Ricky, realizing Ricky was his pupil and lord, king Riku.
(Ricky learned how to fight with swords from Kyros)
Riku invites Kyros to leave the coliseum as he has work for him.

A year later, Kyros is promoted to commander of the royal Riku army.
He is popular with the people, but princess Scarlet denounces him a killer, and complains he is unfit to lead an army.
10 year old Viola uses her eye power to defend Kyros, but Scarlet tells her to stop reading into his filthy mind.
She orders him to stay away from herself and her sister.

But when Scarlet was kidnapped by pirates, Kyros saved her.
He apologizes for touching her, but she cries and hugs Kyros telling him how frightened she was.
Soon the two fall for each other.

However, Riku tells them the world will not welcome the two getting together.
Scarlet is adamant she will be with Kyros, that she fakes her own death to the public.
As the public morns, Riku tells Scarlet and Kyros he wouldn't have forgiven this is it was anyone else but Kyros.

The two live outside the kingdom in the flower fields, and have a daughter.
King Riku and Viola visits their house often, and welcomes the newborn.
Kyros tells his daughter, Rebecca, that he will always be near her.
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Next part

But tragedy hits the family.
On the fateful day, Kyros heads to the burning palace, leaving Scarlet and Rebecca behind.
He tells them to meet him at the Red Flower Garden if anything was to happen.

Kyros confronts Doflamingo, who is holding the king captive by him.
The Donquixote family managed to shackle Kyros with a seastone chain, although he is not a Devil Fruit user.
Dofla tells him to join his side, and that old royalty will all perish today.
Dofla tells him he already sent his men to dispose your wife and daughter.
(I don't think that's a very good recruiting tactic, Dofla)

As he tries to execute Riku in front of him, Kyros cuts his own legs off to free himself from the shackles, and saves the king.
But he is turned into a toy soldier in the process. He carries the king and flees on one leg.
He saves Scarlet and Viola from the chasing pirates, and tells them to wait at the promised place.

But they have no memories of him anymore, and doesn't head to the red flower garden.
Scarlet is shot and killed in front of his eyes by Diamante.
He screams out his wife's name, and carriers her body out of the city.

Flashback ends

As the soldier snaps out of it, Viola sees Gladius and goons coming up the stairs.
He realized he's been duped by a fake Doflamingo.
Kyros realizes if they're gonna end up fighting him here, might as well surprise attack Doflamingo.
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Meanwhile in Colisseum, the cracks from Burgess' attacks are reaching the underground.
Sabo continues to dodge Burgess' attacks, and smiles "good, good".
(implying, the structural damages Jesus Burgess is causing is beneficial to him)

Diamante tells Rebecca that he is the one that shot Scarlet to death, and Rebecca crumbles on her knees.
Barto complains his physical barriers is pointless if words are what's defeating her

At the toy house, Franky is beaten and on the ground against combined Senior Pink, Mach Vice, and the marines.
He believes Usopp is capable, and trusts he will cause the panic.

Underground, the Tontattas are chanting Usoland
The toys think to themselves, if Usopp pulls this off he will be their hero, and they will follow him.
Even Cavendish says he won't go after Luffy anymore if they can save him from being a toy.

After much explosions, Usopp is down. He is unconscious beaten, and trapped in sticky.
Sugar pulls out the "poison grape" (the tatababasco) and shoves it down Usopp's mouth. She thinks it'll kill him.
The moment Usopp gulps down the grape, his eyees and tongue shoots out like tentacles, as he screams.
Sugar puts on the Enel-faced-Perona-face, as she screams in the horrible site.
Trebol tells her to get a hold of herself, but despite his cries, Sugar foams at the mouth and loses consciousness... !!

Ho lol grace a la ruse mdr!!! Trop fort ce usopp!!!

Ha ben non, c'est pire que ca ! Mdr la fin en bois! Mais drole

La tete qu'il se paye!
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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 742 spoiler   Mer 26 Mar 2014 - 12:33

Laughing mdr la fin n importe nawak
au final, le flashback se revele plus interressant et plus sympa que prevue
tout de meme, surpris par les defaites d ussop et de franky
mais ca reste une bonne chose ,ca change et ca credibilise la team don quichotte
et comme dit l expression qui perd gagne (hein ussop)

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Pirate Chevronné
Pirate Chevronné

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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 742 spoiler   Mer 26 Mar 2014 - 12:44

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MessageSujet: Re: Chap 742 spoiler   

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Chap 742 spoiler
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